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Мантрам 1

Karam Bivac 1N.png

When for the last time have you looked at the wind direction?
How does it felt? 
Do you know how your temperatures is being distributed over your body? 
Are you aware how your movements, breathing and thoughts are affecting you? 
How many times a minute do you breathe? 
Can you just stay and keep still? And even enjoy this moment? 

Karam Bivac 1N is a unique and exciting experience that allows you to reconnect with nature in an authentic way. It’s a digital detox, where for one night, you take your sleeping bag and camp outside. You can just sit back and enjoy the beauty of nature - feel the wind on your face, observe how temperatures are distributed over your body, be mindful of how each movement affects you or simply take deep breaths while listening to birds chirping in the background. Karam Bivac helps you appreciate life's simple pleasures, such as watching sunrises or stargazing at night – activities we often forget due to our busy lives. 


Not only does it provide you with mental clarity but also physical health benefits such as better sleep quality which is essential for our wellbeing. Spending time outdoors has been proven by many studies to reduce stress levels significantly since being surrounded by green spaces triggers relaxation responses in our bodies, leading us into a state of calmness that allows mind-body rejuvenation after long days filled with work or school obligations . 


Karam Bivac provides an opportunity for people from all walks of life who want more than just another weekend getaway; it offers them something special - moments spent alone under the stars without any distractions from technology, allowing them to truly connect within themselves again. With its beautiful landscapes , peaceful atmosphere & amazing experiences, this type of camping will surely leave unforgettable memories behind!

Колекция от  37 мантри, главно от Индия.

Плейлистът е синхронизиран с електронната книга, която можете да изтеглите безплатно.

Дарение е желателно.

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